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LARM, League Association of Risk Management

Cities and Public Entities

We are proud to work with LARM, the League Association of Risk Management, to provide risk management services to cities, villages, SIDs, NRDs and other public entities in Nebraska. 

LARM is a risk management pool organized for cities, villages and other public entities in Nebraska.  LARM’s goal is to be a long-term, stable, cost-effective risk management alternative for members.  LARM is dedicated to its long-standing commitment to provide broad coverage and exceptional member services at a fair and stable price.  Unlike traditional insurance providers, LARM’s members own the pool.  As owners, LARM members help shape the coverage provided through the Board of Directors that consists of 15 elected or appointed officials selected by the LARM membership.  Who can understand better the coverage needs of Nebraska municipalities than Nebraska municipalities themselves?  The LARM Board regularly evaluates member coverage and works with industry experts to implement new coverage and enhance existing protection to assure effective and relevant coverage for the sole benefit of the membership.

As a risk management pool organized pursuant to the Intergovernmental Risk Management Act (IRMA), Neb. Rev. Stat. Sections 44-4301 to 44-4339. LARM is an association formed by more than two Nebraska public agencies by agreement and must comply with IRMA and the rules and regulations of the Nebraska Department of Insurance. IRMA states a risk management pool organized pursuant to IRMA shall not be considered an insurance company or insurer under the laws of the state of Nebraska. IRMA recognizes the unique legal status of pools and creates regulations specifically for them. IRMA allows the Director of the Nebraska Department of Insurance to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations related to maintaining reserves, payment of dividends, payment of claims and changes to the structure of the Pool.

More information on LARM's website:


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